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Missing (from China)

We received the following on December 24th, 2006:

Dear Mrs Sagan:

I am from China, the country which has the largest population. Please excuse me for writing to you first.

I know today is the 10th anniversary for Mr Sagan, so I’d rather like to express my regards and sadness to him - the great scientist by this E-mail. I’m so captivated and interested in his loving science and the strive perseveringly for it. Especially the "The Demon-Haunted World" is what I like most, it influenced on me strongly; it is exciting! Sagan is the idol in my heart all life. In the special day, except for giving my respect to you — dear Mrs Sagan, missing the idol, too. Thank you for the construction of science for long long time!

Sorry , my English is poor .If any thing wrong has in this letter or offend you , please don’t care and forgive me, thanks a lot! Because it is my first time to write E-mail in English.

Bai lee
December 20 2006