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Hello. My name is Andrew Lyman, I am a scientist who bungled his way into Art School instead. I maintain a number of blogs, but I made a post for Dr. Sagan on my Young Team Manager Blog today in honor of the 10th Anniversary of his death.

The image was made as a joke by me about the fact that I won the affection of my current girlfriend through (A) A ReAnimator T-shirt, and (B) Carl Sagan's Cosmos. Yes, she almost went home that fateful night, but when she asked what I my evening had in store, I did not lie, I
said: Probably just read, watch some more of Carl Sagan's Cosmos and go to bed. She was intrigued and has thus, stuck around for 9 months now (a purely factual and in no way symbolic amount of time).

But all that aside, Carl Sagan and Lewis Thomas were my two absolute role models. Darby Crash and Jello Biafra got thrown into the mix later and I ended up with a BFA in Experimental Animation, but the one common aspiration in my life has been that of the philosopher scientist. I can think of no nobler goal. All I hope is that there will be increasingly more and more kids growing up with role models like this.

All the best to all of you. Have the fun.